What are the different types of clinical research?

Participating in a clinical trial

What are the different types of clinical research?

Clinical operations are medical research programs that involve people. There are two types of clinical operations –

  • Clinical trials: These are a form of research studies that are done by aiming at evaluating a medical, behavioral, or surgical intervention in people. These trials are used by the researchers to find out if a treatment involving a new drug can be considered to be safe and efficient for people.
  • Observational studies: These are done by observing people in normal settings and setups. Through this, researchers gather information from all the participants, which can be later compared for visible changes over time.

What is a Clinical Research?

Clinical research is a typical branch of healthcare science. It determines the safety and effectiveness of medicines and other treatment-related devices. There are several types of clinical researches. These typically depend on what the researchers are specifically studying and aiming to find out from the given research. The different types of researches are as follows –

  • Treatment Research – This type of research generally involves an intervention, such as medication, new devices, psychotherapy, etc. These could also be done regarding researching new approaches to surgery or radiation therapy.
  • Prevention Research – This type of research typically looks for better ways to prevent different disorders from developing or returning to the subject’s body. These different kinds of prevention researches may study vitamins, minerals, medicines, vaccines, or changes regarding lifestyle.
  • Diagnostic Research – This type of research refers to the practice of observing for better ways to recognize a particular disorder or condition in the subjects.
  • Screening Research – This research typically aims to find the finest ways to identify certain disorders or health conditions in the subjects.
  • Quality of Life Research – This type of research explores different ways to advance comfort as well as the quality of life for subjects with a chronic illness.
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