Advancing Clinical Research

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Advancing Clinical Research

Several new drugs are tested for discovering, or for verifying their clinical, pharmacological, or adverse effects with the goal of determining utmost safety and efficacy of the novel compound. These drug testings are often concluded by conducting tests on human subjects to generate the desired results. In the past few years, the clinical research and testing industry has grown at a very fast pace and has experienced a drastic rate and amount of change. Alongside growth, it has also opened a wide amount of job opportunities for a lot of people looking for getting employed in the industry. This industry is worth 45 Billion US$ on a worldwide scale and it employes over one-third of the entire Research & Development staff.

Volunteers that are taken in by the industry as the human subjects for various drug testing sessions are always explained the basic principles regarding the design of these clinical operations and trials and how they should always be reported. Along with this, they are also made aware of some of the mechanics of the clinical trials, like randomization or blinding of treatment. In the second half of the trial, participants are shown how clinical data management is done. They are explained how the data acquired from the trials is analyzed, and further interpreted. The crucial ethical considerations involved in conducting the various experiments on volunteers are reviewed and analyzed.

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