Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment

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Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment

Many pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies and CROs are shifting from the traditional paper-based  data collection methods to electronic data capture solutions now more than before.

Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA) helps in collecting participant investigation data, patient outcomes data and correlating the data entries in real time using easily available electronic devices like the mobiles, tablets, and online tools/apps. A host of such e-clinical systems and tools are available to make clinical trials experience better for the subjects and reduce the burden of manual intervention.

This time saving technology allows the site staff, clinicians and project managers involved in a trial to collect, store, and report the relevant information for every participant or every phase of the trial accurately and consistently.

eCOA eliminates any manual errors since it is an automated and validated online method . It also serves well in accordance with the compliance because of the  high quality and valid data the system produces.

It is a dynamic clinical data management method that fulfils the quality and regulatory considerations and simultaneously fosters the progress of clinical development at large.

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